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With over $50B in awarded work, we know how to win.

Increase Your ROI

By streamlining your process and improving the efficiency of your proposal team, we’ll help you reduce the costs associated with producing a proposal, which increases your ROI.

Improve Efficiency

Through coaching and training we provide your team the tools necessary to ease the stress of the typical proposal scramble. Stress reduction leads to increased efficiency.

Streamline Process

Process is everything! With proper process implementation you reduce your margin for error and increase your chance of success.

Fresh Perspective

Our ‘fresh set of eyes’ will offer feedback on everything from your design, documentation, and process. This is helpful to offer new ideas and reinvigorate your current proposal process.

A Competitive Edge

…need we say more?

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About Pitch

Experts in proposal and bid document submissions, Pitch Process will help you grow your business by increasing your win rate.

We offer coaching and consulting services across western Canada. Our goal is to help you expand your business and win work in a competitive market through coaching, strategy, and process improvement.

Why Choose Pitch

We have extensive experience submitting compliant and winning bids for contracts of all size and scope, across a variety of industries. Our Process Consultants are well known for their skill, attention to detail, facilitation, and organizational techniques.

Pitch Process will develop, implement and train you and your staff to use customized tracking tools and processes completely tailored to your business’s needs. This allows you to navigate the proposal process efficiently, increasing your ROI while decreasing your workload.

Still not sure why’d you choose Pitch? Well, we’re really good at winning work for our clients - to the tune of over $50B in awarded contracts. We know what it takes to win.

Our Clients Include:

  • architectural
  • construction
  • defense
  • earth moving/soils
  • engineering
  • hazardous materials
  • health & wellness
  • individual, family, & community service
  • insurance
  • information technology
  • public relations & marketing
  • telecommunications
  • government – federal, provincial, & municipal


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Our Expertise



Change Management



We can solve your process problems.

Building a solid foundation for a seamless proposal process is a key factor influencing your win rate. Pitch Process’ services are customizable and scalable, providing a flexible fit to meet your company’s needs. This gives our clients a ‘choose your own adventure’ style of process management.

We know every business is different and we don’t assume cookie cutter solutions work for everyone. So as part of our free consultation we offer a complimentary scorecard, outlining areas of stability and of improvement. This overview of your internal process will help build your personalized proposal and win-work strategies.


Process Management Services

Proposal Strategy

From RFP analysis to win strategies to debrief interview coaching, Pitch works with organizations to reimagine and refocus their proposal and bid document strategies. Your custom proposal strategy will be developed based on results from the scorecard provided after our initial consultation.

Coaching & Training

Coaching your staff through process change is imperative to nurturing teamwork, responsibility and confidence – which are all important when working on a time crunch toward a looming deadline. We have extensive experience coaching organizations of all shapes and sizes through process implementation, and we pride ourselves on being leaders in facilitation and education of the proposal process.

Process Implementation

Implementation of a fine tuned proposal process is as important as the process itself and will form the foundation of your win strategy. Pitch will work with you to implement a process that adapts to the particular needs of your organization and people. Our goal is to set you up for success through clearly defining roles and responsibilities, setting expectations, and implementing best practices. The result will increase your ROI, increase your team’s efficiency, and ensure consistency throughout your organization.

Additional Services

Proposal Management

This is where we step in and become the quarterback for your proposal or bid document. Our proposal management services include: – Bid document searching and distribution – Go/no go facilitation – Start-up meeting coordination – Task assignment – Workback schedule coordination and distribution – Content development – 60% and 90% review facilitation – Document design and formatting – Imagery and graphic design – Compliance monitoring – Print and delivery coordination – Debrief coaching/facilitation

Copywriting & Editing

Have you ever done the old ‘take the methodology from the last proposal and use it this time’ method of writing copy for your proposals? How many times, after the RFP has been submitted, have you noticed a slip up in the copied text? Fresh eyes can help you breathe life into your boilerplate material. We have 25 years of professional writing and editing experience, including technical writing and editing, marketing copy, corporate communications, press releases, and general business writing and editing. Our writing is modern, clear, and effective in getting your brand across!

Document Design

We are proud of our ability to make your submission stand out. From creative proposal delivery to sleek, standardized templates that conform to your business’s branding, we are experts in document design. We know how to make your company stand out from the rest, and sometimes all it takes is the right pop of color, a heavier weight of paper, or a transition to a modernized, impactful font. Pitch works with your organization, your executives, your team, and your marketing group to build beautiful project sheets, resumes, cover pages, and template documents that will make even the most stoic of evaluators take notice.

Trust the Pitch Process - we know what it takes to win.

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Meet Pitch


Dayna Burnell, BA

Owner, Process Consultant

With 15+ years of proposal coordination and management experience, Dayna is an expert in all things related to the proposal and bid document process. She has worked with large, global organizations, coaching them through process change and implementation. She understands both the client and vendor side of the proposal process and works closely with companies to implement change management, proposal win strategies, and coach stakeholders on proposal processes. Over the course of her career Dayna has successfully bid on some of the largest projects in Alberta, awarding her clients billions of dollars of won work.


Amber Alexander, BSc, BMgt

Owner, Process Consultant

Amber has 10 years experience in proposal & bid document development, and knows what it takes to execute a compliant and winning bid. A real team player, Amber is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for process and organization and understands the frustrations that come with proposal preparation. Her strength lies in procedures, tasks, and attention to detail which help to increase efficiency and reduce stress for the hardworking proposal staff she trains. Her goal is to ensure each person is equipped with all the necessary building blocks to support a winning strategy. Amber has submitted hundreds of compliant proposals, winning companies in the hundreds of millions of dollars in awarded work throughout her career.

We Get It

We’ve all been there – minutes to go, and you’re running out the door to deliver a proposal with only a matter of time to spare. Why not take that stress away, and leave it to us? We’ve submitted some of the largest proposals in western Canada, and we know and understand the anxiety proposal coordination can cause for your entire team. We’re confident in what we do – all you have to do is trust the Pitch Process.


We’re here for you

We provide services across Western Canada and happily travel to where our clients are.

Home Base: Edmonton, Alberta

Email: info@pitchprocess.ca