Everything you think you know about proposals just might be wrong

An RFP is one of the most important documents in business development. Stakes are high, and winning that one big contract can sometimes make or break a company.

In today’s competitive climate, it’s important to realize that proposals are critical in acquiring business across all types of industry.

RFPs have historically been typecast as rigid, template documents – but the truth is that managing a proposal combines art and science. Clients don’t want your boilerplate – they want to know that you will save them time, money, and offer creative value add options. 

Having the right people on your proposal team can make or break your success rate. From Capture Managers to Proposal Writers to Subject Matter Experts, topping it all off with a talented Graphic Designer – when these positions work collaboratively on RFP documents, studies show win rates improve by 77%.

Times have changed. And everything you think you know about proposals just might be wrong.

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